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Bookkeeping, monthly, quarterly or annually
Processing from source documents for small and medium size businesses
For businesses, close corporations, proprietary limited companies, trusts and body corporates.
Accounting officer to close corporations and proprietary limited companies that are owner managed.
Setting up accounting systems and controls
The preparation of monthly or bi-monthly income statements and balance sheets
Annual financial statements
Budgets and cash flow projections
Financial management
Business consultation
Pastel Accounting: Accountants Forum Member
Income tax compliance
Registrations for VAT, PAYE and Income tax
Preparation, completion and submission of VAT and PAYE returns.
Preparation and completion of half yearly PAYE EMP501 / IRP5/IT3(a) returns
Completion and submission of annual tax returns for individuals, corporations and trusts
Compilation reports for trading individuals for income tax purposes.
Completion and submisson of provisional tax returns
Income tax clearence certificates for tenders or good standing
Income tax clearence certificates for foreign transfers of funds
Tax planning
Registration of proprietary limited companies
Statutory changes to close corporations and proprietary limited companies
Annual returns for companies
Changes to trusts
Special resolutions
The drafting of minutes for companies and trusts.